domingo, julio 16, 2006


"Basin Street Blues"
Louis Armstrong All Stars in Stuttgart. February 15, 1959.

Louis Armstrong - trumpet
Trummy Young - trombone
Peanuts Hucko - clarinet
Billy Kyle - piano
Mort Herbert - bass
Danny Barcelona - drums

I mean you

Thelonious Sphere Monk: Blue Monk (Oslo, April 1966)

A clip from the Video "Monk in Oslo". "Blue Monk"
(Recorded by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation on April 15, 1966)
Charlie Rouse (tenor sax)
Larry Gales (bass)
Ben Riley (drums)... a very economical drumset ;)

sábado, julio 08, 2006

La máquina de dibujar

Oscar Grillo

Periodismo sin palabras

Menchi Sábat